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Spell standards

This page is for listing standards. It can be used as reference material for creating and editing spells. You should check here before copying some neat trick from an older spell.

Another purpose of this document is to gather together info about everything that needs to be removed from/changed in the grimoires. Therefore when adding an entry, you should include some data about how often the no-no in question still appears in the grimoire(s).

Things spells should not do

unlikely errors:

Note: exporting variables in spells should be avoided, as sorcery makes no guarantee that they will be around in another file. Therefore even if it works, it works by accident and may break in the future. There might be some cases where compiling a program successfully requires an export <variable>=<value>, but for spells' internal operation it is never allowed. Use CONFIGURE and persistent variables instead. Also note that exporting important environmental variables can break other spells in queue.

Integrity checking

See source integrity checking standards for more information.