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Sorcery/Feature menu




Sorcery feature menu

This page gives in-depth information about the various selectable freatures you can select for Sorcery to use.
The menu can be accessed via going to OptionFeature Menu after invoking sorcery command.

Feature Default Information
archive on Archive all installed components of a spell so that if you decide to dispel the spell it can easily be recovered and ressurrected
autofix on Has sorcery check for broken spells and fix them after sorcery update
updatefix off Ensure basesystem is not broken before sorcery update
autoprune off Automatically remove old sources and installs cached sources upon sorcery update
ccache off Cache (using ccache) the initial compilation of a spell so that upgrading the spell later on will be much faster
color on When selected, cast and dispel show colored messages
config_loc on Locally customize spell configuration (e.g. Do you wish to add "--" options to ./configure? [n])
gather_docs on Automatically gather miscellaneous documentation from spells
mail_reports off Email reports to address specified via sorceryOptionEmail of Sorcerer
preserve on Preserve modified files or back them up and overwrite with defaults
sustain on Disallow dispelling of spells that would cause terrible malfunctions (according to /var/lib/sorcery/sustained)
tmpfs off Attempt to compile entirely in RAM
view_reports off Prompt to view a report of the compilation
voyeur on View compilation as it happens
reap on Remove files installed by a spell when dispelling
store_conf_log off Store configuration log file config.log (usually used by ./configure script)
net_select off Use netselect to try fastest mirrors first if "netselect" spell is installed
clean_source off Clean up source directories after failures
cross_install off Non-native installation/cross-compilation
set_term_title off Set xterm title/screen window title on cast
screen off Toggle usage of screen in cast
per_spell_cflags off Ask for custom CFLAGS for each spell
show_gaze_short_query on Show spell description option in queries for optional dependencies