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Stable-0.62-2 released

Stable grimoire version 0.62-2 has been released!

This is mostly a security update accumulated a lot of security fixes including those for Mozilla stuff, Xorg libraries, Nginx, NTP and OpenSSL/LibreSSL.
It also contains more corrections for 0.61 → 0.62 upgrading path, as well as a brand new Linux kernel 4.0 (thanks to Ladislav "lace" Hagara for it).

The update also introduces our fresh castfs 0.6.2 released recently, and as you may have noticed Sorcery 1.15.4 released several days ago includes one important fix for multiple triggers of a spell, so the recommended update procedure is:

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submitted by stealth on 2015-05-02 / grimoire

castfs 0.6.2 released

castfs 0.6.2 has been released!

This release fixes various bugs related to multijob install (broken filenames, crashes) mostly. It also adds several configure flags and refreshes the overall build system. castfs spell has been updated too, and will be backported to the current stable 0.62 grimoire (as a part of upcoming 0.62-2 update).

Release notes include the following (copied from the NEWS file in the distribution tarball):

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submitted by stealth on 2015-03-27 / misc

Stable-0.62-1 released

Stable grimoire version 0.62-1 has been released!

It contains fixes for openssllibressl migration as well as several security updates.
As per this post, the SSL implementations are not fully compatible and interchangable, so if you find any issue about it, feel free to report back – the fixes will be included in the next release.

The tarballs have been signed and uploaded to our server and will be propogating out to the mirrors within six hours.

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submitted by stealth on 2015-03-13 / grimoire

Stable-0.62 released

Stable grimoire version 0.62 has been released!

As usual, users of stable merely need to run sorcery system-update. Spells listed on the 0.62 release page were tested and qualified to have no known defects of "gating" severity at the time of this release. The tarballs have been signed and uploaded to our server and will be propogating out to the mirrors within six hours.

To download the grimoire manually, get http://codex.sourcemage.org/stable.tar.bz2 or specifically http://codex.sourcemage.org/stable-0.62.tar.bz2.

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submitted by stealth on 2015-03-01 / grimoire

New site is upcoming

Our new website for http://sourcemage.org is currently under construction and is presented here. Stay tuned and check out sm-discuss @ibiblio for announcements!

submitted by stealth on 2015-01-01 / tome / website
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